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Henry's Shoe Cleaner

Sneaker Whitener

Sneaker Whitener

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Your sneakers are much like an investment, make sure they hold their value.

Leather whitener to get that bright white look to your everyday sneakers.

Henry Miller sneaker whitener enhances that pearly white color that leather comes brand new with.

Don't let your everyday white sneakers turn into mud stompers after a couple wears. 

Do not use on suede or nubuck

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Materials: works on all types of materials including the tough to clean leathers; suede and nubuck

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Shipping is estimated between 3-6 days

Care Instructions

1. Dry brush shoe to release surface dirt

2. Fill bowl with 2 cups of water and wet brush

3. Apply adequate amount of solution to the brush

4. Dip brush back into water

5. Scrub shoe creating a lather

6. Wipe down with cloth

-Repeat steps until desired result is achieved

7. Air dry

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Refresh your kicks

Henry Miller Sneaker Cleaner was designed to help hold the value of your investment that you made on yoour sneakers. Easy to use on all materials, our solution was specificall engineered to allow your everyday sneakers to last much longer than originally expected.