Henry Miller Sneaker Cleaner

Henry Miller sneaker cleaner was specifically engineered to be the versatile sneaker cleaner that allows you to hold the value of the investment you made in your sneakers. The solution works on all brands and materials to turn your everyday sneakers to looking fresh out of the box!

By using our proprietary formula specially engineered for sneakers, you are able to refresh your kicks while maintaining the original color and texture of your shoes!

Our solution works to remove grime and dirt associated with frequent sneaker wear. Our essential kit, which includes our cleaning solution, burns, and micro-fiber towel work to restore your sneakers with just a few minutes of scrubbing.


Does it only work on sneakers?

No! It works on all types of shoes such as loafers, boots, sandals, flip flops, heels, and the list goes on! Henry Miller Sneaker Cleaner is even commonly used on other products such as hats, bags, garments, and more!

What is the solution made of?

Henry Miller Sneaker Cleaner is made up of pure water, emulysifying agent, organic solvent, and essence.

Will the solution alter the suede/nubuck I use it on?

Our solution works on suede and nubuck but be careful of the amount used that area as those materials are proned to bleeding and fading from frequent cleaning with any cleaning product.

What shoes does this work on

Henry Miller Sneaker Cleaner works on all types of shoes of all materials. Make sure to be careful with the force of the brush on more gentle materials such as suede and nubuck to keep original color and texture of shoe.

Will the solution get rid of the yellowing on my shoes?

Unfortunately, the yellowing (caused from oxidation) cannot be cured from cleaning solution.